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Andrew arrived at my office prepared and on time, set right to work and accomplished all that I requested without delay, in fact he even tweaked a few issues that I was going to try and tackle myself before leaving, all at a very reasonable price. He is definitely my new computer guy.

— John M., Hatfield, MA

I run a small business & had my workhorse laptop crash; I called Andrew in the morning, he looked at it that evening, and had repaired the problem & had it back up & running the next morning. Professional, knowledgeable and good at explaining what he’s doing, and very responsive to the demands of tech & small business priorities. I recommend NohoTek highly.

— Mark D., Northampton, MA



What a pleasure to have met and worked with Andrew. He is very professional, straight forward, polite and is extremely fair in his pricing. He quickly remedied our problems and even took our Macbook home for a rejuvenation. We recommend him highly.

— Antonia K., Northampton, MA



Noho Tek is absolutely outstanding: professional, fast, friendly, knowledgeable, and very reasonably priced. My computer crashed while vising Northampton on a research trip and Andrew made room in his schedule for me. He recovered all of my data and gave me a number of useful tips to prevent this from happening in the future. Bestbuy, on the other hand, would have taken over a week and charged much more money. I highly recommend Noho Tek.

— Peter R., Moscow, ID

Expert computer repair and respectful tutoring are some of the services provided by Andrew Sexton of Noho Tek. A great find, Andrew is available, responsive and easy to communicate with. He is highly skilled. His rates are fair and reasonable. Noho Tek is easy to access in Northampton, MA. Andrew was patient and respectful in the tutoring session I booked with him. He also debugged my computer. I highly recommend Noho Tek Computer Support and Repair.

— Catherine C., Montague, MA

I called NohoTek after Microsoft tech support was unable to help (and actually processed a refund) after hours of unsuccessful maneuvering to save my files and repair my laptop following a power failure crash. Andrew not only solved the issue but did so in a very prompt, professional and reasonably priced manner. I would highly recommend NohoTek!

— Barbara M., Northampton, MA

We’ve used Andrew several times, and each time he does the job for less than I thought possible. He’s polite, competent, and has always found a work-around for the times when we don’t have the information or installation CD necessary. We love him.

— Suzanne F., Northampton MA



We would highly recommend Andrew and his services. He was professional, friendly, knowledgeable and trustworthy- all you could ask for. He offered lots of options and reasonable pricing along with it. He rebuilt my husband’s computer and backed up a hard drive I’d been carrying around for three years because I felt unsure about who to take it to. Noho Tek is the way to go.

— Julie N., Florence, MA



Computer Meltdown . . . Totally fixed by Andrew. Nice job. Diagnosed the problem, was patient awaiting RMAs. Fixed it fast.

— Maya K., Northampton, MA


Yahoo! Local

My computer screen needed to be replaced ASAP . . . I initially contacted a larger chain and was told it would take 9-10 days (or possibly longer) to get the part. Thank goodness I double checked with Nohotek who got the part in within 48 hours and completed the job the same day (and for less). The icing on the cake is that I ended up giving my business to a small business rather than a large company. I highly recommend Nohotek!

— James S., Northampton, MA

Needed old computer cleaned and reformatted for sale. NohoTek did it for a fraction of the cost and fast. Highly recommended.

— Christoper M., Easthampton, MA



I was very pleased with my experience with NohoTek. My laptop acquired a nasty virus and Andrew was able to diagnose and fix the problem quickly. He kept me informed of exactly what he was doing and his rates are reasonable. I would definitely call on him again if I have a computer problem.

— Charlie G., Northampton, MA



When my complex studio computer needed repairing and updating, I had the choice of either sending it back to the manufacturer or looking for a local computer tech to do the work. My preference was to find a local tech whom I could depend on to do excellent work—wanting to find a person I could trust for any future repairs after my current computer problems were alleviated. I also wanted to help our local economy instead of sending money to another state. After a fairly extensive search, I decided to contact Andrew at NohoTek, which turned out to be a wise choice. Andrew did a thorough diagnostic analysis of the computer, questioned me closely about what I needed the computer to do, and was meticulous about asking me what software and associated hardware I used in my work. Based on this foundation, he recommended the components I needed to update the computer, giving me a range of cost choices. Andrew essentially rebuilt the computer and throughout the entire process was attentive, proficient, and wholly professional. His hourly charges are very reasonable. I unequivocally give NohoTek my highest recommendation.

— Roger K., Huntington, MA



I called Andrew at NohoTek thanks to several excellent on-line reviews. Again and again customers praised his reliable, reasonable and timely service. So, when my computer refused to boot, and another technician immediately replaced my 10 month old hard drive without even testing it, I called Andrew to see if he would check out my old drive to see if it was indeed dead. . . .

Working out of an office in his home, Andrew met me with a smile, and asked me to call back in an hour. When I phoned, he told me the disk worked, but he wanted to check it out thoroughly for no extra charge. At last the work was done – My old drive, which turned out to be even better than the rebuilt “replacement,” was humming along without a glitch. As a bonus, Andrew showed me several features about my computer which I hadn’t even realized were there. Now, I’ve got my computer back, a spare hard drive should I ever need it, and I’ve saved myself days of restoring old files, all for 40 bucks!

One extra bonus — On my Rolodex I’ve got the name of a reliable, helpful, local computer technician whom I know I can trust! Who could ask for more!?

— Robert R., Easthampton, MA



Awesome service, really reliable. Can count on them to get my computer fixed right the first time and for a fair cost. Would recommend!

— Brittany G., Holyoke, MA